Selecting your dropshipping niche

Selecting your dropshipping niche

One of the most common questions I get asked is “”What is the best drop-shipping niche?”

The first thing you must consider is how long you’re wanting to run the store for.

If you are planning to create a long-term successful business, then it is important that you are at least interested in what you are wanting to promote and sell.

We have found that people who try to run a business they are not interested in quickly lose focus, stop trying to make the business work and ultimately fail.

As far as a niche goes, from our experience we have found it is better to target an evergreen niche and then narrow it down.

For those of you who are unsure, an evergreen niche is a niche that will always be popular and should ideally generate sales throughout the year.

For example we could set up a store that targets Christmas decorations, however as soon as we pass Christmas time, we will have to wait another whole 10 months before we can generate any decent sales.

Again a narrow niche is also preferable. The reason for this is that a broad niche may sound like a good idea at first (i.e. creating a massive authority website where we can sell different types of products) but in practice a non-targeted store can make it very tough to generate any decent traffic and ultimately generate sales.

A few reasons to target a narrow evergreen niche:

  1. A true evergreen niche will generate traffic and sales all year round both now and in the foreseeable future.
  2. Targeting a narrow niche will give you a better understanding about what you’re going to sell and who you going to target.
  3. It is far easier to be a big fish in a small pond. Ultimately you do not have access to the massive advertising budgets of multi-international stores (like,, etc.)
  4. it is easier to rank higher in web searches if all of your stores content and products are complementary
  5. As you are targeting specialty area, people will be more likely to come to your store for information, advice and to purchase items.
  6. Focusing on one audience lets you easily plan and stream line your marketing strategies.
  7. A narrow niche let’s you deal with less suppliers which means you can build a better relationship with them (and better prices)

To help give you some ideas, we have put together a list of top evergreen niches that could be the right fit for you:

(note these are in no particular order)

Personal Hobbies Sports / Outdoors / Fitness Food / Drinks Electronics Pets / Animals Work / Education
 Beards  Witchcraft  Hiking  Pizza  iPhone/Android  Dogs  Learn languages (Spanish, French, etc)
 Quit Smoking  Chess  Swimming  Beer  Gaming  Cats  Nurse
Parenting  Astronomy  Camping  Cooking  Horses  Lawyers
Children s Items  Gardening  Surfing  Sushi  Fish  Doctors
Baby Gear  Cooking  Sky-diving  Coffee  Cows  Teachers
Pregnancy  Knitting  Bowling  Tea  Ducks  Military
Weight-loss  Sewing  Tennis  Wine  Deer Building
Dating Scrap booking  Cycling  Baking  Pig Joinery
Wedding  Painting  Poker  Rabbit
Acne  Books / Reading  Badminton  Hamster
 Marijuana  Gaming  Badminton  Birds
Adult Wear  Sci-Fi  Squash  Goat
Novelty Items  Wood working  Lacrosse  Sheep
 Graffiti  Cricket  Farming
 Guitar  Volleyball
 Piano  Soccer
 Magic  Basketball
 Photography  Football
 Landscaping  Boxing
 Chicken Coops  MMA
 Cars  Rock Climbing
 Motorcycles  Scuba Diving
 Cross fit
 Ultimate Frisbee
 Ping Pong
 Cheer leading
 Break dancing