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Top 5 Reasons to Use Twitter for Your Business

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Founded in 2006, Twitter is a real-time social networking site that has gone on to draw in over 500 million regular users. Although similar to other popular social media sites, the main attraction that sets Twitter apart is called a “Tweet.” Tweets are short, public messages limited to 140 characters or less that lets users…

How to Target Early Adopters with Your Next Big Idea

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Not to sound bigoted, but let’s just face the facts: some customers are more valuable than others. There! I said it! More specifically, customers who can be classified as “early adopters,” especially in the realm of digital technology, are major players in the success or failure of a 21st century business and/or product. Early adopters…

Top 5 Reasons to Use Facebook for Your Business

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Established in 2006 as a social site for college students to mingle, Facebook has since gone on to attract millions upon millions of users of all ages worldwide, making it one the most popular sites ever in Internet history. Facebook users flock to the site for a variety of reasons, such as online games, photo…

5 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Business

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No matter if you love them or hate them, Social media sites are here to stay. Combined, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest, have more than 2 BILLION users. With the massive amount of people using social media sites, there hasn’t been a better time for businesses to join…

Twitter Advertising Seeks to Evolve with New “ads editor” Tool

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Advertising on social media has been a dominant force for several years now. In fact, search advertising has even taken a hit in recent years due to the amount of time people spend browsing social networking sites. It’s not like Google’s trembling in their Adwords boots right now, but it’s probably been on their radar.…

Trimming the Fat – Copy Tips for Saying More With Less

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Copywriting doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. From the billions of dollars in sales each day that hinge on a well-formatted sales letter, to a polished TV commercial script, to the catchy jingle or slogan you just can’t get out of your head, effective professional, persuasive writing, “copywriting,” does a lot for us as…

Social Media Marketing Tips That Works

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Marketing your business through social media is quickly becoming a necessity rather than an option. If you’d like to see how this can positively affect your business, keep reading for great ideas on how you can utilize these online platforms to market and advertise your company, product or business. If you are going to create…

The No BS Intuitive Guide To SEO Success

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SEO is one of those secretive beasts that has been the obsession of online marketers since the dawn of their profession. Especially with the event of one search engine pulling far ahead of the rest in its usage, an intense culture was born out of focusing on how to best game or manipulate Google’s search…

How to Improve Churn Rate – Part 2

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Welcome to part two of this series on reducing churn rate. Let’s jump right into a few methods for keeping customer retention high and making sure no one is jumping ship! Shamelessly One-Up Savvy businessmen and women know that keeping an eye on the competition is key, and nowhere is this more important than in…

How to Improve Churn Rate – Part 1

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Heard of churn rate? If not, well, yikes! Churn rate, in a nutshell, is the rate at which your big business water bottle is leaking out customers – to put it visually. Businesses with high churn rates are at risk of spinning their wheels or even losing money. For example, a business with a churn…