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Visual Storytelling as a Means for Conveying Data without Falling Asleep

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3 in 10 of the 3.4568% of all top-20 ranked Final Five finishers have all…hello? Okay, just checking to see if you’re still awake. Data has a way of putting people to sleep, not literally, but more of a “mental check out.” Data can be mind-numbing, even if the story that the numbers are telling…

The Importance of Unique Relevant Content

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No matter what type of website you have, for Internet Marketing there are 3 words that mean more than anything else Content is King These three words should be remembered at all times and used as a reminder that on site SEO (search engine optimisation) is just as important as off site SEO for two…

On Page SEO – Keywords, Content and Site

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For your site to have a great ranking you need to consider not just the meta data, but also take into account the actual content you add to your site and the site layout in general. Keywords We have already gone over the importance of having interesting, regular content added to your site. However each…