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Express Links vs Implied Links 101

It’s been recently discovered that Google has submitted a patent that should change the way linkbuilding is done in a drastic manner. We’ve all been aware of the linkbuilding penalties that Google has been handing out for the abuse and misuse of links, so...

How do I add a new product?

How do I add a new product?

Products Page You get to this area by expanding the product header and clicking on 'Your Products' Insert / Copy / Delete Buttons Click these buttons to insert a new product / Copy or Delete a selected product Once you either Insert / Copy a product  you are taken to...

Facebook And Google Are Not Your Only Advertising Options

Marketers, we need to have a talk. For the past few years, the cost per click of Google Adwords, and now Facebook’s newsfeed ads and promoted posts, have been climbing. It makes sense that as platforms have become more and more known to marketers and the public...

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