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What Signals Are Used In Ranking Other Than PageRank?

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Guillaume is bothered by the constant chatter about PageRank. From what he knows, it is just one of the many different signals currently being used to determine ranking. Getting obsessed with it is therefore counterproductive. Although Google has stated this fact many times, he thinks that it would be good for Matt Cutts to issue…

How Can A Website Compete Using Only White Hat Techniques?

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Some webmasters are getting discouraged because spammers are dominating their industries. While Google does its best to act on spam reports, it could take months before concrete actions are taken. How are they supposed to compete using only white hat techniques when their rivals are not playing fair?   Matt Cutts points out that “black…

How Do You Protect Your Blog From Hackers?

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A Google user wandered into Matt Cutt’s personal blog and noticed that it uses WordPress. The visitor wonders how Matt is able to keep his site safe from hackers given the platform’s tendency to suffer from attacks. Matt shares three of his strategies:   Update Frequently   Hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in old versions of…

Is PageRank Calculated Differently For Domains Registered Before 2004?

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Google has never revealed its search algorithm in full. At best, the company drops hints and provides general guidelines for optimization. The lack of specific information in many topics has created an environment wherein SEO theories abound. A webmaster from Colorado wants to know if there is any truth behind one of them that deals…

Can A Purchased Domain’s History Affect Its Trust In Google?

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Dave Shuts from England bought a domain 7 months prior and yet it still isn’t showing up on search engine result pages. He wonders if its history might have something to do with the situation. Digging deeper, he found that it was first registered in 2000 and it has since gone through a number of…

How Important Is The Frequency Of Updates On A Blog?

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There is a prevailing impression that blogs need numerous updates for SEO purposes. With this in mind, a webmaster from Colorado wants to know the extent to which frequency affects the PageRank of dynamic sites. He also wants to learn more about the relative importance of content compared to frequency. Frequent updates are certainly welcome…

Is There Such A Thing As Building Too Many Links?

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Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Webmasters try to do everything they can to get as many inbound links in an effort to boost Page Rank. Amid the frenzy, one wonders whether there is such a thing as building too many links. Assuming that you follow all the…

How Long Does It Take For Googlebot To Recrawl A Page?

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If a person makes changes to his website, how long would it take before Google notices them? It turns out that webmasters do not have to wait very long, but the duration would depend on a number of things. The scale of the Web makes it necessary for Google to prioritize certain pages over others.…


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     Mobile marketing is THE way of getting your business noticed and known. Explore the various mobile avenues businesses can use to contact new customers in this report. It is time for your business to jump in and unleash a hidden traffic source of over a billion eager buyers that very few of your competitors know about…yet! …